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Aerosol Lubricants

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H1 Silicone Spray 804

Silicone-based spray for use as a lubricant with incidental food contact. May be used on machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is potential exposure of the lubricated part to food. For food plant and other industrial use.

Heavy Duty Solvent Degreaser/Brake Cleaner 802

HDSD is highly effective in removing heavy greases, oil, adhesives, lubricants, tar, waxes, asphalt, resins, and other heavy materials.

Wirelife® Monolec® Penetrating Lubricant 2001

Versatile, Wear-Reducing Oil Preserves Metal to the Core

Wirelife® Monolec® Penetrating Lubricant (2001) has excellent corrosion resistance and high load carrying (EP) properties. It penetrates to the core of wire ropes, whether they are running or stationary. It is also excellent as a penetrating lubricant for chains of all sizes and works well in a variety of other industrial applications. When used in conjunction with Wirelife Almasol® Coating Lubricant, maximum protection and wear reduction is achieved.

It contains a petroleum solvent to enhance its ability to penetrate. The solvent evaporates, leaving behind a film of heavy-bodied lubricant that protects and lubricates each strand and ...

Wirelife® Almasol® Coating Lubricant 2002

Self-Healing Fluid Seals & Protects Surfaces

Wirelife® Almasol® Coating Lubricant (2002) is a fluid wire rope lubricant that provides a tough outer coating to seal and protect against fretting corrosion, wear and rust - even under extreme load and moisture. It seals and protects better than any product available. When used in conjunction with Wirelife Monolec® Penetrating Lubricant, maximum protection and wear reduction is achieved.

In addition to its primary function as a coating, it also provides moderate penetration - depending on the tightness of tolerances and the temperature when applied. It contains a petroleum solvent to enhance its ability to penetrate. The solvent evaporates, ...

Monolex® Penetrating Oil and Lubricant 2059


Tough General Use Lubricant Works Fast To Dissolve Rust

Monolex® is a fast-acting, surfacewetting formula that works as a light lubricating oil as well as penetrating lubricant. The tough film created by Monolex is far more effective than ordinary oils. Its excellent penetrating ability helps it work its way through layers of rust, gum, resins, varnish and dirt, dissolving or washing them away and quickly loosening “frozen” components – even those that are hard to reach. Monolex also contains a water-displacing agent that drives out moisture, allowing it to retard corrosion, even in saltwater applications.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality ...

Case 12 Aerosols (CSA)

H1 Quinplex® Penetrating Oil & Lubricant (aerosol) 4059

Outstanding aerosol food grade penetrating oil and lubricant. Works quickly to dissolve rust and free-up frozen parts. Rapidly penetrates and leaves a heavy lubricant film for further lubrication and corrosion prevention. Formulated from USP Grade mineral oils and other USDA H1 rated components. Contains LE's proprietary additive, QUINPLEX®

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.
Case 12 Aerosols (CSA)

Syntemp® Synthetic Lubricant 9102


LE's 9102 SYNTEMP® Synthetic Lubricant is a unique, heavy duty, high temperature spray lubricant designed for open gears, chains, cables, sealed bearings and slides - or any "tight" area where grease lubrication can be best accomplished by the spray method. Its superior lubricating qualities reduce wear, friction and heat far more effectively than ordinary greases.

This high temperature grease is water resistant, non-melting, rust and oxidation resistant, mechanically stable, has EP characteristics and contains MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 ...

Almasol® Dry Film Lubricant 9200

Spray Lubricant Ensures Long-Lasting Lubrication in Tough Conditions & Broad Temperature Range

Almasol® Dry Film Lubricant (9200) is a solid film spray lubricant designed for use where permanent lubrication with exceptional long wear life and low frictional properties is desired, and oil and grease cannot be used. For use in a wide temperature range, it combines superior dry film lubrication with safe and easy spray application.

Almasol Dry Film Lubricant provides dependable, long-lasting lubrication in extreme environments where conventional lubricants would be inadequate. It contains a carefully selected blend of Almasol and other solid lubricants of controlled particle size, dispersed in a ...