• Pails/Drums/Oil

    FM Approved® Formula Provides Fire-Resistant, Hydraulics-Protecting Solution

    Firesafe™ PoE Hydraulic Fluid (9455) is an FM Approved® fire-resistant product recommended for use in steel mills, foundries, mining, glass manufacturing, and other demanding applications where the possibility exists for the fluid to come in contact with an ignition source or where operating temperatures could exceed the fire point of a standard hydraulic fluid.

    Formulated with a higher fire point than traditional hydraulic fluids, Firesafe PoE Hydraulic Fluid will not propagate a flame from an ignition source. It will enhance safety, instill confidence and reduce insurance costs in plants. (Many insurance companies require FM approval, which reduces costs to the user.) Due to its special combination of ester base fluids and additives, Firesafe PoE is known for its natural lubricity and oxidation resistance, thus providing long service when properly maintained. Unlike many competitive products, it contains no water, so it will not cause rust and corrosion, and will be less susceptible to microbial attack.

    Firesafe PoE provides excellent performance and is compatible with most standard seal materials, which means less downtime, lower maintenance costs, and better reliability. Additionally, it is a readily biodegradable formula containing no toxic ingredients – making it suitable for use in environmentally sensitive applications.