• Pails/Drums/Oil

    Premium Oil Boosts Turbine Performance

    Highly effective for steam, hydro and gas turbine applications, Monolec Turbine Oil (6461-6463) reduces varnish, reduces water contamination, lengthens equipment life and extends drain intervals. It is a premium, high performance turbine oil with excellent water separation characteristics, rust and oxidation inhibitors, and improved wear-reducing properties. Its proprietary formula consists of select low-volatility paraffinic base fluids enhanced with a synergistic mix of high-performance additives.

    Certain turbine applications - including gear-driven turbines or those in which a hydraulic control system and turbine share the same oil - require oil with anti-wear properties. Unlike many anti-wear additives that decrease the oxidation resistance of turbine oils, the proprietary wear-reducing additive in Monolec Turbine Oil provides increased protection against wear with no negative effect on the oxidation life of the oil.

    Monolec® is a registered trademark of Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

    Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.

  • Drums

    A high-quality turbine oil that provides excellent performance in combustion turbines. Formulated using select base oils coupled with a synergistic mix of additives.


  • Drums

    Premium R & O Oil Protects Mainline Turbines

    Monolec® EP Turbine Oil (6476) is a premium anti-wear R & O oil designed specifically for use in mainline steam and gas turbine generators driven with or without reduction gears. It is an excellent lubricant for gears, bearings and governor-controlled mechanisms. Monolec EP Turbine Oil is formulated with high-quality base oil and additives to provide maximum rust and oxidation resistance. It also contains anti-foaming and water separation additives as well as Monolec, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive.