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Open Gear

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Drums/Pails/Grease/Quarter Drums

Pyroshield® Syn Hvy & XHvy Open Gear Lubricants 9000 & 9011

Heavy-Metal-Free Synthetic Oil Provides Extreme Protection

Pyroshield Syn Hvy & XHvy Open Gear Lubricants are heavy-duty synthetic fluids designed to provide outstanding protection for high-load, heavy-shock applications, such as large shrouded open gears used in the mining, mineral processing and cement industries. Pyroshield Syn Open Gear Lubricants are non-asphaltic and environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals. Each lubricant features a synergistic mix of Almasol®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive, and a unique combination of extreme pressure additives.

LE Offers Pyroshield's Advanced Technology as Solution for Large Shrouded Open Gears

Lubrication Engineers ...