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Open Gear Lubricants

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Drums/Pails/Grease/Quarter Drums

Pyroshield® Syn Open Gear Grease 5100, 5180 & 5182

Heavy-Duty Synthetic Grease Provides Extreme Protection

Pyroshield Syn Open Gear Grease is a heavy-duty synthetic lubricant developed for large unshrouded open gears in the mining, mineral processing and cement industries, and for other severe service applications that require a lubricant with superior wear protection, exceptional load-carrying ability, outstanding tackiness and ease of application at various temperatures. It also works well for applications in which gears experience high point-of-contact temperatures of 327ºC (620ºF) and above.

A product of advanced lubricant technology providing boundary lubrication, unmatched performance and versatility, Pyroshield Syn Open Gear Grease is ...
Drums/Pails/Grease/Quarter Drums

Pyroshield® Syn Hvy & XHvy Open Gear Lubricants 9000 & 9011

Heavy-Metal-Free Synthetic Oil Provides Extreme Protection

Pyroshield Syn Hvy & XHvy Open Gear Lubricants are heavy-duty synthetic fluids designed to provide outstanding protection for high-load, heavy-shock applications, such as large shrouded open gears used in the mining, mineral processing and cement industries. Pyroshield Syn Open Gear Lubricants are non-asphaltic and environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals. Each lubricant features a synergistic mix of Almasol®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive, and a unique combination of extreme pressure additives.

LE Offers Pyroshield's Advanced Technology as Solution for Large Shrouded Open Gears

Lubrication Engineers ...
Drums/Pails/Grease/Quarter Drums

Almasol® Syntemp® Lubricant 9901

Heavy-duty synthetic lubricant specifically designed for high temperature applications.

LE's ALMASOL® Syntemp Lubricant is a high temperature extreme pressure (EP) lubricant made from a very heavy synthetic fluid and non-melting base. It is specially formulated to provide exceptional protection at temperatures at which petroleum oils would completely oxidize (or carbonize).

ALMASOL® Syntemp Lubricant is excellent for use on large open gears exposed to very high temperatures. It is also recommended for use on kiln girth gears, large industrial gearing, oven chains, sliding surfaces, large slow moving (friction) bearings and similar applications.

Contains ALMASOL®, LE's ...