• Pails/Drums/Oil

    For highly efficient operation and protection against wear, rust and corrosion in rock drills, jackhammers and other air-powered tools.

    Among the most severe demands on lubricants are those related to operation of air activated percussion tools such as rock drills and jackhammers. Extreme service conditions include pounding, constant pressure, moist air; or, usually, all or a combination of these.

    Unlike ordinary air tool oils, which require frequent replenishment, MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant possesses qualities designed specifically for more effective and prolonged service in the difficulties of properly lubricating air-powered tools.

    MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant provides performance features superior to any ordinary commercial oils for use in this equipment -

    • Contains MONOLEC, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive, proven in radioactive wear tests to reduce wear by 24.2%; gives outstanding protection against frictional and corrosive wear.
    • Uses 100% paraffinic base oil, with a higher natural Viscosity Index. Oil changes less in viscosity with temperature variations.
    • Special rust and corrosion resistance additives give far longer equipment service life.
    • Lubricity additive enhances essential oiling capacity for air-powered tools.
    • Anti-foam agent breaks up air bubbles for lower operating temperatures and pressures, and increased oxidation resistance.
    • Emulsifying agent enables MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant to cling to metal parts where moisture is present.
    • Adhesion additive works with emulsifying agent to hold MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant to the lubricated surface, providing lubrication even at high speeds and temperatures.
    • Extreme pressure (EP) additive keeps metal surfaces from galling and welding.
    • Additional anti-wear agent combines with MONOLEC for even greater film strength and anti-wear characteristics; enables MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant to withstand Timken OK load of 55 lbs.
    • Inherently higher oxidation resistance prevents MONOLEC Rock Drill Lubricant from combining readily with air to form destructive by-products; a very important feature for air-powered tools.
    • Selected viscosities to meet operating requirements of rock drills and similar equipment.
    Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.