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Transmission Fluids

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Synolec® Transmission Fluid 640

Premium Synthetic Lubricant Improves Performance of Eaton Roadranger & Other Manual Transmissions

Synolec® Transmission Fluid (640) is a premium full synthetic lubricant designed for fuel efficiency and extended drain intervals while meeting OEM warranty requirements. It is intended for use in manual transmissions that require a non-EP transmission fluid for light- to severe-duty, on- and off-highway equipment operating in a diverse range of environments. Formulated to protect higher torque transmissions coupled with increased horsepower engines, it will prolong transmission life by reducing gear wear and copper corrosion.

Synolec Transmission Fluid meets or exceeds the specifications of ...


Dexron® VI Automatic Transmission Fluid 1136

A High Performance, Synthetic-Based, GM Approved Automatic Transmission Fluid

Dexron® VI Automatic Transmission Fluid 1136 is a synthetic-based fluid for use as automatic transmission fluid, ATF, in automobiles with automatic and power shift transmissions, in power steering systems, and hydraulic pumps. The DEXRON designation was developed by General Motors, which licenses the brand to ATF vendors. GM's DEXRON VI classification was introduced for 2005 model year and newer GM vehicles. This fluid is also backward compatible and recommended for use in transmissions recommending the use of previous DEXRON fluids. It is formulated to provide smooth shifting, low shudder, and long-life performance in automatic ...

Monolec® Syn Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (1150)

Versatile Fluid Ensures Smooth-Running Automatic Transmissions in Cars & Trucks

Monolec® Syn Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (1150) is a versatile, high performance product suitable for regular- to severe-duty use in a variety of automatic transmissions in passenger cars and trucks. Replacing LE’s Trans-All EHP Automatic Transmission Fluid (1150), this new fully synthetic formulation has an uptreated additive package that includes Monolec, LE's proprietary wear-reducing additive. This improved formulation is fully compatible with the previous 1150 formulation. No conversion is necessary.

Monolec Syn Multi-Vehicle ATF ensures smooth shifting, reduced wear on parts, longer fluid ...