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Monocal GP Grease 1499

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Item # 1499, Monocal® GP Grease 1499

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Versatile Grease with Calcium Sulfonate Complex Thickener Protects Equipment from Heat, Moisture & Heavy Loads

Lubrication Engineers, Inc. formulated Monocal® GP Grease for use in severe conditions such as high temperatures, heavy loads and water. Its high-performance formula features high-viscosity base fluid, calcium sulfonate complex thickener and Monolec®, LE’s proprietary wear-reducing additive. This premium combination imparts a very high dropping point, exceptional inherent extreme pressure (EP) characteristics, superior mechanical stability, low oil bleed, and water resistance – everything you need to protect and extend the life of your equipment.

A versatile general purpose lubricant, Monocal GP Grease is the right solution for industrial and mobile equipment used in a wide variety of industries. It is especially effective when used on bearings operating in a warm, moist environment or in operations where a lot of water is needed to keep equipment cool. Without effective, reliable lubrication, these conditions can lead to costly downtime and repairs.

Benefits and Recommendations · Physical Characteristics - Typical · Performance Test Results

Benefits and Recommendations

Beneficial Qualities

High-performance formula
  • Performs effectively in severe conditions such as heat, water and heavy loads
  • Provides long-lasting reliable protection
  • Ensures very low oil separation
  • Features high-viscosity base fluid (ISO 220)

  • Calcium sulfonate thickener
  • Inherently prevents rust and corrosion – even in sea water
  • Has very high dropping point as compared to conventional thickeners
  • Ensures excellent mechanical stability for long-lasting use
  • Imparts outstanding EP properties (without the addition of heavy metals), providing protection even when pound-out conditions occur

  • Wear-reducing additive
  • Protects against wear, metal-to-metal contact and scoring
  • Provides exceptional film strength
  • Resists oxidation and water contamination
  • Maintains consistency after repeated heating and cooling

  • Available Grade

    NLGI 2

    Proprietary Additives

    LE’s proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE lubricants. Monocal™ GP Grease contains Monolec.

    Monolec® wear-reducing additive creates a single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces, vastly increasing oil film strength without affecting clearances. An invaluable component in LE’s engine oils, industrial oils and many of its other lubricants, Monolec allows opposing surfaces to slide by one another, greatly reducing friction, heat and wear.

    Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

    USDA H2


  • Can be used in Diamond Power soot blowers
  • Can be used in anti-friction bearings up to 6,000 rpm
  • Typical Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Construction
  • Lumber & wood
  • Mining
  • Oil & gas
  • Paper products
  • Power generation
  • Refuse & waste systems
  • Rubber & plastic
  • Steel & primary metals
  • Transportation & fleet
  • Water & wastewater
  • Any industries where hot weather, humidity and overheated machinery create moisture problems
  • Typical Applications

  • Industrial: Bearings (anti-friction, conveyor, fan, heavily loaded ball, high-speed, plain, roller element, slow-speed), forging equipment, machine tools, presses, rolling mills and rotary aerators
  • Automotive: Ball joints, chassis, front axle arrangements, U-joints, wheel bearings
  • Available Container Size

    120 Pound
    35 Pound
    420 Pound
    2,800 lb returnable tank
    Case of 40 tubes

    Physical Characteristics - Typical

    Thickener Type

    Calcium Sulfonate Complex





    NLGI Grade


    Performance Test Results

    Worked 60 Penetration ASTM D217


    Worked 10K Penetration ASTM D217


    Worked 100K Penetration ASTM D217


    Dropping Point ºC(ºF), ASTM D2265

    316 (600)

    Flash Point ºC(ºF), ASTM D92

    >260 (>500)

    Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt, ASTM D445


    Oxidation drop in psi @ 100 hrs, ASTM D942


    Oxidation drop in psi @ 500 hrs, ASTM D942


    Corrosion Prevention DI H2O, ASTM D1743


    Corrosion Prevention 5% Sea H2O, ASTM D5969


    Timken OK Load lbs, ASTM D2509


    Four-Ball EP Weld Point kgf, ASTM D2596


    Four-Ball EP Load Wear Index kgf, ASTM D2596


    Four-Ball Wear @ 75ºC, 1,200 rpm, 40 kgf, 60 minutes, mm wear, ASTM D2266


    Water Spray-off % Loss, ASTM D4049


    Copper Corrosion 24 hrs @ 100ºC, ASTM D4048


    Evaporation 22 hrs @ 100ºC, % loss, ASTM D972


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