Automatic Lubrication System Delivers Right Amount of Lubricant at Right Time to Critical Equipment

The Ovenworx™ Chain Spray/Brush System is an automatic lubrication system designed to dispense lubricants in small, measured amounts over short, frequent time intervals. It eliminates human resource constraints and makes consistent lubrication easier in physical locations or on types of machines where it was previously impossible. This innovative system comes in a spray or brush configuration.

Using an ALS for lubricant application leads to improved quality of lubrication as well as a reduction in labor requirements. Its successful use, however, requires knowledge of lubrication fundamentals. In order to avoid mistakes and realize positive results from such devices, you must select the right system for a given application, install the system correctly, and determine the optimum application rate. LE’s highly trained and skilled representatives can help you get started.

Unit of Measure

Benefits and Recommendations

Beneficial Qualities

N/A Proper Lubrication
  • Ensures that all critical components are lubricated,regardless of location or ease of access
  • Dispenses precise lubricant amounts, eliminating waste and preventing over- and under-lubrication
  • Allows lubrication while machinery is in operation, ensuring equal distribution within the component while eliminating costly downtime
Equipment Protection & Cost Reduction
  • Reduces wear on components, leading to longerequipment life
  • Reduces breakdowns, repairs, replacements,maintenance needs and downtime
  • Decreases lubricant consumption
  • Lowers energy consumption due to less friction
Employee Safety
  • Ensures safe operation of machinery with properlylubricated components
  • Eliminates unsafe manual application practices inhard-to-reach areas

ALS Components

  1. Controller/Timer – Activates system
  2. Pump & Reservoir – Stores and deliverslubricants to system
  3. Supply Line – Connects pump to meteringvalves or injectors
  4. Metering Valves/Injectors – Measure anddispense lubricant to application points
  5. Feed Lines – Connect metering valves orinjectors to application points

System Components

6 Spray

N/A ✓ - YES

Air/Oil Injection Lubrication System

N/A ✓ - YES

Copper Tubing

N/A ✓ - YES

Surefire with Term Strip

N/A ✓ - YES