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All Categories > Lubricant Reliability Solutions > LE Handling & Transfer > Single Point Lubricators > Item # PRM-NOVA  
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Item # PRM-NOVA, Perma Nova Single Point Lubricators

List Price QUOTE

Each Perma Nova unit comes filled with the LE lubricant of your choice, and there are many oil and grease options from which to choose. Because of the various lubricant options, please follow the steps below in order to receive your quote in a timely manner.


Operating Temperature

-20° C to +60 ºC


transparent plastics



Lubricant Type

grease and oil up to NLGI 2


temperature independent

Discharge Period

1, 2, 3,…12 months

Pressure build-up

max. 6 bar

Lubricant Volume

130 cm³


·  perma-nova-complete

·  perma-nova-control-unit

·  perma-nova-lc-kit-refill