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Monolec® Syn Gear Oil 9919

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Robust Formula Provides Long-Lasting Protection in Severe Service, including High & Low Temperatures

Monolec® Syn Gear Oil (9919 & 9923) is a 100 percent synthetic, limited slip gear oil with a high-performance additive package, making it an ideal choice for transmissions and differentials that encounter severe service conditions, including fleets of delivery trucks, heavy-duty pickup trucks, school buses, and bucket trucks. Its high-performance formula will not break down in severe service. It resists gear and bearing wear, viscosity loss, foaming, high-temperature oxidation, and volatility, allowing it to deliver long-lasting protection for any application where extreme pressure and shock loading is expected, including industrial gearboxes that require
enhanced EP protection.

In addition, Monolec Syn Gear Oil’s high-performance formula features a high viscosity index and low pour point that work together to provide high-temperature
film thickness and low-temperature fluidity, allowing it to be used in a wide range of environments – from very hot to below freezing.

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N/A Green 75W-90
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