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    Heavy Duty Formula Promotes Optimal Engine Performance

    Monolec Two-Cycle Engine Oil (8104) is a heavy duty oil specifically formulated to provide outstanding lubrication for all two-cycle engines, allowing them to run smoother, cooler and more efficiently. Recommended applications include chainsaws, lawn mowers, portable generators, outboard motors, and similar two-cycle applications. It contains premium base oil for greater film strength, better lubricity and higher natural viscosity index than competitive products, and contains LE’s exclusive Monolec® additive for superior wear protection. This special formulation mixes easily with all types of gasoline and ensures optimal engine performance.

    In two-cycle engines, lubrication is achieved by mixing the lubricant with the fuel, and using the fuel coming into the carburetor as a carrier for the oil. Lubrication of the entire engine must be accomplished in a single pass through the system. The fuel/oil/air mixture passes from the carburetor into the combustion chamber in a split second, where high temperatures instantly vaporize the gasoline. The oil, in droplet form, must lubricate all moving parts of the crankshaft, plus the piston and cylinder. If combustion of the oil is incomplete, or byproducts are deposited in the cylinder, serious problems can develop.