PAG Gear Oil Provides Ultimate Wear Protection, Corrosion Resistance and Thermal Stability

LE’s Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant (9705-9707) is a PAG gear oil that has been specially formulated for the ultimate in corrosion resistance, wear protection and thermal stability. Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) lubricants are synthetic formulations known for their high viscosity index, extreme pressure (EP) properties, and ability to handle temperature extremes. In addition to the PAG base fluid, this formulation features Duolec®, LE’s proprietary dual-acting additive that provides both wear-reducing and EP protection.

Duolec PAG Gear Lubricant is an excellent choice for lubricating a variety of bearings and gears – particularly worm gears – as well as other equipment operating under extreme conditions.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.
Unit of Measure

Benefits and Recommendations

Available Container Size

N/A 2,100 lb Disposable Tank

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GHS Statement

N/A For commercial and professional use only

Beneficial Qualities

N/A Provides Excellent Protection in Extreme Conditions
  • Formulated with a polyalkyleneglycol (PAG) synthetic base fluid
  • Features high VI and EP properties
  • Remains thermally stable and offer slow volatility
  • Is good for wide operating temperature range

Protects Against Rust, Corrosion and Sludge
  • Offers superior oxidation resistance
  • Provides excellent corrosion prevention
  • Is highly resistant to sludge formation
  • Can be used in high water contamination applications

Protects Against Micropitting
  • Is ideal for worm gear applications

Proprietary Additive

N/A LE’s proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE lubricants. Duolec® PAG Gear Lubricant contains Duolec.

Duolec® dual-acting additive imparts synergistic properties to lubricants, providing both wear reducing and extreme pressure protection. The result of revolutionary technology designed specifically for use in LE gear lubricants, Duolec increases oil film strength and is temperature activated to provide a protective layer that smooths metal surfaces and minimizes the effects of any contact, thereby reducing friction and preventing surface wear.

Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

  • David Brown Type G
  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • FAG
  • Flender
  • Hansen
  • Rexroth Bosch Group
  • SKF
  • USDA H2

Typical Applications

  • Enclosed gear applications, including helical, bevel, planetary, and especially worm gears
  • Textile machines
  • Sliding bearings
  • Chains and conveyors
  • Kiln and oven bearings
  • Roller and pellet mills
  • Extruders


  • Do not mix PAG-based lubricants with any mineral oil or PAO-based lubricating product as they are often insoluble and will form a gelatinous material when mixed. Refer to LE’s PAG Flush Procedure when performing a changeover from one of these products to Duolec PAG Gear Lubricant.
  • PAG-based lubricants can sometimes soften industrial paints, so internal gearbox surfaces should be unpainted or coated with a resistant material.
  • Seal and gasket materials that are compatible with PAG-based lubricants include fluorosilicone, nitrile, vinyl-methyl polysiloxane, and Viton® fluoroelastomer. Materials that are incompatible with PAG-based lubricants include polyurethane-based elastomers, leather, cork, asbestos and paper.

Asset Reliability Solutions

N/A Reliability Solution Products

Physical Characteristics - Typical


N/A Straw


N/A 320

Performance Test Results

Relative Density @ 60ºF/60ºF, ASTM D1298

N/A 1.008

Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt, ASTM D445

N/A 61.6

Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt, ASTM D445

N/A 339

Viscosity Index ASTM D2270

N/A 252

Flash Point °C (°F), (COC), ASTM D92

N/A 275 (527)

Pour Point °C (°F), ASTM D97

N/A -42 (-44)

Oxidation 312 hrs @ 95°C, ASTM D2893A - Modified Change in Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt, %

N/A +0.09

Timken OK Load lbs, ASTM D2782

N/A 75

Four-Ball Wear @ 75ºC, 1200 rpm, 40 kgf, 60 minutes, mm wear, ASTM D4172

N/A 0.33

Foaming Characteristics @ 24ºC/93.5ºC/24ºC, 3 sequences, ml of foam / time to break, ASTM D892

N/A 20/0;0/0;0/0

FE-8 Roller Bearing Roller/Cage, mg

N/A 3/7

FZG Micropitting @90°/60°C, Load Stage

N/A 10

FZG Test Load Stage, ASTM D5182

N/A >12

Paint Compatibility with P22-8050 Anthracite Brown

N/A Pass