Each Perma Classic unit comes filled with the LE lubricant of your choice, and there are many oil and grease options from which to choose. The Classic also comes with one of four different activator screws, with the screw determining the amount of lubricant to be dispensed.
Unit of Measure

Operating Temperature

N/A 0° C to +40 ºC


N/A Metal


N/A electrochemical

Lubricant Type

N/A grease and oil up to NLGI 2


N/A temperature dependent

Discharge Period

N/A At 20° C with SF01: 1, 3, 6 or 12 months

Pressure build-up

N/A max. 4 bar

Lubricant Volume

N/A 120 cm³

Monthly Activator Screws

12-Months Activator

1-Month Activator

3-Months Activator

6-Months Activator