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    Extended-Drain CK-4 Oil Offers Ultimate Package of Performance & Protection for Diesel Engines

    Monolec Ultra® Engine Oil provides exceptional performance and extended-drain service for on- and off-road diesel engines, including stationary engines. It has been formulated to exceed API’s CK-4 technology standards focusing on engine wear protection, oxidation stability, shear stability, resistance to aeration, and compatibility with low emission engines. With its superior formulation of select base oils and Monolec®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive, Monolec Ultra offers dependable all-weather performance, reduces unscheduled downtime, and helps fleets achieve costs savings.

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    Offers Dependable, Heavy-Duty Performance in Diesel Engines

    Monolec® Engine Oil provides excellent service for engines in mobile equipment and stationary generators. With its formulation of select base oils, shear-stable viscosity improver and Monolec®, LE’s exclusive wearreducing additive, Monolec Engine Oil offers increased fuel efficiency, dependable performance and wear protection. It is designed specifically for applications requiring the CJ-4 specification for those companies and individuals not wanting to switch to a CK-4 fluid.