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    Long-lasting Red Grease Stays Put & Runs Cool

    Customers who rely upon Almagard Vari-Purpose Lubricant appreciate its cool-running, long-lasting, water-resistant performance. It dramatically lengthens grease intervals, eliminates bearing failures, can extend bearing life by up to threefold, and does not harden with age.

    Recommended for extended service applications, Almagard is extremely tacky and will not wash off, pound out or melt and run, even in severe conditions. It is ideal for on-and off-road equipment where high impact occurs, as well as many in-plant applications.

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    Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.

  • Family (Grease)

    High-Quality Grease Offers Versatile EP Performance

    Monolec® Multiplex Lubricant (4622) is a highly versatile, longlife, lithium-complex-thickened grease designed for extreme pressure performance and extended relubrication intervals in a variety of industrial, marine, farm and fleet applications. It contains Monolec®, LE’s proprietary wear-reducing additive, and provides dependable performance in a broad operating temperature range in critical grease points including chassis and wheel bearings. Its versatility makes it possible to consolidate the number of greases used, especially helpful aboard a marine vessel.