• LE Drums & Pails

    Long-Lasting, Nonfoaming Synthetic Oil Lets You Go Green Without Sacrificing Performance

    LE’s Earthwise™ lubricants are specifically formulated to be earth friendly while still meeting the rigorous demands of industrial applications. With these products, you can “go green” – and keep up with the latest environmental regulations – without having to sacrifice performance. Earthwise EAL Syn Hydraulic Oil is a certified Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL), recommended for use in applications on or near waterways. It meets the specifications required by the EPA’s Vessel General Permit (VGP). It is readily biodegradable, exhibits minimal aquatic toxicity and will not accumulate in the cells of fish and other aquatic life forms. In addition, the base oil used in this full synthetic formulation comes from renewable resources.

    A long-lasting, nonfoaming fluid designed to protect the life of hydraulic pumps and motors, it offers excellent protection against cold temperatures and resists oxidation in high temperatures. It also withstands extreme pressure, prevents rust and corrosion, and separates from water.