Spray Lubricant Ensures Long-Lasting Lubrication in Tough Conditions & Broad Temperature Range

Almasol® Dry Film Lubricant (9200) is a solid film spray lubricant designed for use where permanent lubrication with exceptional long wear life and low frictional properties is desired, and oil and grease cannot be used. For use in a wide temperature range, it combines superior dry film lubrication with safe and easy spray application.

Almasol Dry Film Lubricant provides dependable, long-lasting lubrication in extreme environments where conventional lubricants would be inadequate. It contains a carefully selected blend of Almasol and other solid lubricants of controlled particle size, dispersed in a fast-drying solvent system and resin binder. The resulting film has excellent adhesion.

Unit of Measure

Benefits and Recommendations

Available Container Size

N/A Case 12 Aerosols

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Beneficial Qualities

N/A Wear & Friction
  • Effectively lubricates surfaces where friction is aproblem, such as gears, actuators, cams, hinges, pins, shafts, tracks, threaded parts, frictional bearings, pistons, cylinders, valves and latches
  • Prevents galling, seizing and fretting for splines, threaded connections and disconnects
  • Protects mating metal surfaces under operating conditions of high loads and slow speeds
  • Eliminates scoring by reducing the force required when disassembling parts for press fitting
Versatile & Long-Lasting
  • Performs in a variety of conditions:
    • Broad temperature range:-73 to 343°C (-100 to 650°F)
    • Dusty and abrasive environments
    • Freshwater and saltwater
  • Lasts two to five times longer than conventional dry film lubricants
  • Possesses excellent EP properties, cannot be squeezed out up to 100,000 psi
  • Lubricates effectively even after long periods of non-use
Fast, Easy & Economical
  • Cures completely in two to four hoursat room temperature
  • Comes in convenient, easy-to-use spraycan that contains no fluorocarbons
  • Provides sufficient lubrication with a thinfilm; a small amount goes a long way

Proprietary Additive


LE’s proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE lubricants. Almasol® Dry Film Lubricant contains Almasol.

Almasol® solid wear-reducing additive is able to withstand extremely heavy loads, chemical attackand temperatures up to 1,900°F (1,038°C). It isattracted to metal surfaces, forming a microscopiclayer but not building on itself or affectingclearances. Almasol minimizes metal-to-metalcontact and the resulting friction, heat and wear.

Typical Applications

  • Cams, Slides
  • Chains
  • Hinge Pins, Latches, Locks
  • Metering Valves
  • Sleeve & Pivot Bearings
  • Spindles
  • Threaded Parts


  • Use with adequate ventilation; contains flammable solvents
  • Store below 49°C (120°F)
  • Do not store near heat, sparks or flame

Asset Reliability Solutions

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Customer Testimonials

N/A 9200 Prairie View Industries

Physical Characteristics - Typical


N/A Gray/Black

Performance Test Results

Flash Point °C (°F), (COC), ASTM D92

N/A -20 (-4)

Coverage per Can

N/A 2.8 sq m (30 sq ft)

Recommended Coating Thickness (cured)

N/A .005 to .01 mm (.0002 to .0005 in)

Cure Time (air dry)

N/A 30 minutes to handle, 2 to 4 hours to use

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -73 to 343°C (-100 to 650°F) [Up to 537°C (1,000°F) in absence of oxygen]

Shelf Life

N/A 12 months @ 20 to 26°C (68 to 78°F)

Test Method for Bonded Solid Film Lubricant Coatings

Test Method for Bonded Solid Film Lubricant Coatings

N/A The results of the test confirmed that Almasol 9200 lasts anywhere from two to five times longer than competitors’ dry film lubricants that include PTFE, graphite or molybdenum disulfide. LE’s exclusive Almasol solid additive has a higher load-carrying capacity and does not build uponitself as the other additives do.

Test Scope & Method This test method is used to determine the wear life and load-carrying capacity of bonded solid film lubricants by the Timken Test machine. The maximum wear life of the solid film lubricant applied to the surface of a rotating cup against a stationary block is determined along with the lubricant coefficient of friction

Procedure The spindle rotation speed is set to give a rubbing speed of 24-26 sliding feet per minute. After a break-in period of 30 seconds, a 10 lb. load is applied. Additional 10 lb. loads are applied after each 10 minute period for a total of 40-45 lbs. A coefficient of friction reading is taken 10 minutes after the last weight has been placed. Failure occurs when the coefficient of friction value is double the initial reading. The wear life is recorded as the number of revolutions to failure.

Product Line Initial Coefficient Of Friction: Wear Life, Revolutions:
Competitor A 0.059 90,000
Competitor B 0.080 200,000
Competitor C 0.080 200,000
Competitor D 0.077 250,000
9200 0.070 500,000