We have developed the three Wall-Stacker™ configurations by Fluidall shown below to meet best practice standards for lubrication storage. They can be ordered as shown. However, if you need something slightly different, give us a call so we can help you sort through the customizable options.
Unit of Measure



N/A 32 in


N/A 2-115 Gallon


N/A 36 in


N/A 114 in

General Information

General Information

N/A Remember, Wall-Stacker™ systems are completely customizable based on your requirements. In addition to the three configurations above, many different sizes, features and configurations are available - a few of which are shown below. Call us for assistance with these additional options.

All units come with:
  • Durable poly tanks
  • Adjustable steel wall straps
  • Metal stand (36-inch height)
  • Drip-tray holders, pans and screens
  • Elbow mounts
  • Brass spring release valves
  • PFSB fittings and FP90 poly fittings
  • PTFT poly tubing
Additional products needed:
  • Xclude™ standard desiccant breathers (not shown)
  • 150-gal secondary containment vessel (not shown)
  • Gravity feed (shown), with pump options available
Request for Quote (RFQ)

The Tote-A-Lube® system has a variety of options, and the appropriate configuration must be determined before an accurate RFQ can be generated. See options below.
  • Determine which unit you are interested in from the product list below.
  • Select "Request Quote," Select "Proceed to Checkout."
  • Fill out requested contact information, then select "Review & Submit RFQ."
  • When you reach the comments screen, indicate the unit size you are interested in
  • "Submit RFQ"
After you have submitted your RFQ, we will contact you so that we can help you determine the right options for your LMS. With this information, we will be able to promptly provide you with an accurate quote.