An anti-wear hydraulic oil designed to assure longer life for bearings and rubbing surfaces, Equipower™ Hydraulic Oil (4932-4934) contains select base oils for oxidation resistance and an additive package that offers anti-wear properties, rust protection and thermal stability. It is recommended for hydraulic systems operating in highly contaminated environments or where high lubricant consumption is a concern.
Unit of Measure

Benefits and Recommendations

Available Container Size

N/A 275 Gal Tote gal

Beneficial Qualities

N/A Wear Resistance
  • Protects metal componentsfrom wear
  • Extends drain intervals whenproperly maintained
  • Is compatible with most sealsand hoses
Water Contamination & Foam Control
  • Separates from water, allowingfor easy water drain-off
  • Eliminates fade and chatter bybreaking up foam
  • Reduces entrained air that cancause control system problems
Rust, Oxidation & Corrosion Resistance
  • Fights against rust and corrosionwith R & O inhibitors
  • Reduces sludge and varnish formation
  • Prevents plugged orifices andsticky valves

Performance Requirements Met or Exceeded

  • Eaton E-FDGN-TB002-E
  • Parker (formerly Denison) HF-0

Typical Applications

  • Mobile and stationary hydraulic systems that call for an anti-wear hydraulic fluid

Physical Characteristics - Typical


N/A Straw


N/A 68

Performance Test Results

Relative Density @ 60ºF/60ºF, ASTM D1298

N/A 0.872

Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt, ASTM D445

N/A 8.92

Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt, ASTM D445

N/A 69.5

Viscosity Index

N/A ≥95

Flash Point °C(°F), (COC), ASTM D92

N/A 224(435)

Pour Point °C (°F), ASTM D97

N/A -24(-11)

Rust Test 4 hrs @ 60°C, DI H20, ASTM D665A

N/A Pass

Copper Corrosion 3 hrs @ 100ºC, ASTM D130

N/A 1b

Emulsion Characteristics @ 54ºC, oil-water-emulsion/minutes, ASTM D1401

N/A 40-40-0/10

Rust Test 4 hrs @ 60ºC, Sea H2O, ASTM D665B

N/A Pass