Outstanding aerosol food grade penetrating oil and lubricant. Works quickly to dissolve rust and free-up frozen parts. Rapidly penetrates and leaves a heavy lubricant film for further lubrication and corrosion prevention. Formulated from USP Grade mineral oils and other USDA H1 rated components. Contains LE's proprietary additive, QUINPLEX®

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.
Unit of Measure


Available Container Size

N/A Single Aerosol

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Typical Applications

N/A Any area where a penetrating and lubricating oil suitable for incidental food contact is required. This includes bottling and canning equipment, food processing machinery, slides, cams, chains and other machine surfaces.

Physical Characteristics - Typical (After Application)


N/A 100.1 cSt at 40ºC 526.2 SUS at 100ºF 58.69 SUS at 210ºF 9.67 cSt at 100ºC

Flash Point

N/A 204 ºC400 ºF


N/A Light Straw


N/A 25.9 ºAPI

Pour Point

N/A -27 ºC-17 ºF

ISO Grade

N/A 100

USDA Rating

N/A H1

Equivalent SAE Grade

N/A 30

Benefits and Recommendations

Beneficial Qualities

  • Loosens corroded and frozen parts.
  • Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion.
  • Contains an H1 authorized polar organic solvent to assist in water displacement.
  • Pleasant odor.
  • Contains an H1 authorized solvent to help dissolve and penetrate residues.
  • Contains H1 authorized anti-wear additives.
  • Safe for the environment: contains no ozone depleting chemicals.
  • This lubricant conforms to CFR Title 21, part 178, Section 178.3570 as published by the FDA.
  • USDA H1
  • Certified Halal by IFANCA

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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