Potent Formula Provides Fast, Effective Industrial Cleanup

Greentastic® Industrial Cleaner is a concentrated liquid solution intended for industrial cleaning uses, including oil and grease. This environmentally friendly water-based formula contains nine carefully selected and blended active cleaning ingredients – almost twice as many as conventional multipurpose products. These powerful ingredients work quickly together to create the different types of cleaning action needed to be effective for a wide variety of industrial applications. Greentastic outperforms conventional non-caustic cleaners. It is not only phosphate-free, but completely phosphorus-free, making it a better choice for the environment.
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Benefits and Recommendations

Available Container Size

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GHS Statement

N/A For commercial and professional use only

Beneficial Qualities

N/A Multipurpose - strong & gentle
  • Is highly effective on abroad range of heavy-duty applications, including construction equipment, on- and off-road trucks, farm implements and concrete surfaces
  • Is gentle enough to be used as a general purpose cleaner
  • Can be used with solvents for degreasing and other types of solvent cleaning
  • Can be used to clean any surface where water can be used
Quick, easy & effective
  • Works quickly
  • Easy to apply with power sprayer, floor scrubber, mops, cloths or brushes
  • Loosens and dissolves dirt, grease and grime from surfaces
  • Disperses and coats particles broken loose by the detergent action, which prevents the particles from adhering to clean surface
  • Leaves no detergent or solvent film, assuring totally clean surfaces and no streaking (when rinsed properly)
Safe & environmentally friendly
  • Will not harm human skin when used at recommended dilution rate
  • Is non-caustic, non-acidic, non-flammable
  • Is phosphate- and phosphorous-free
  • Contains no abrasives
  • Mixes easily with water or solvents without difficulties associated with powders
  • Coupler ingredient converts all individual ingredients into one permanent solution that will not settle even if stored for a long time
  • Takes just 1 gallon of concentrate to make 32-64 gallons of cleaning solution for most applications
  • Versatility eliminates need to stock multiple cleaners
  • Fast-acting powerful formula reduces labor needs
  • Available in 5-gal pails and 55-gal drums

Typical Applications

N/A Concrete Surfaces
  • Factory, shop and warehouse floors; loading docks; parking areas; driveways; walls
  • Special oil- and grease-dissolving ingredient in Greentastic is designed for petroleum-based soils often encountered in this application.
  • Detergent lifting action reduces need for labor-intensive mopping or brushing to break loose soil.
  • Leaves no dangerous slick detergent or solvent film vs. solvents alone
  • Strips grease and dirt from engines, parts, tools and other equipment
  • Takes about 30 minutes with normal-to-heavy accumulations of grease and grime
  • Rinsing with water hose using normal tap pressure removes all traces of soil and emulsion without leaving any solvent film. Solvent alone will dissolve grease but cannot be rinsed off the surface.
  • Just 5 quarts of a stable Greentastic/solvent emulsion degreases a typical engine, with no special equipment needed.
Trucks & tractors
  • Reduces labor costs by cleaning up to three times faster than comparable products and eliminating need for repeated brushing or rubbing to break up dirt
  • Effectively cleans wash sheds where caustic and acidic products were previously used
  • Eliminates clogged spray nozzles because it contains no solid particles
  • No rubbing needed when using heated Greentastic solution in spray equipment
  • Rinsing leaves equipment clean with no streaking
  • Enables consolidated inventory by replacing various specialized products used for this application
Other applications
  • General purpose
  • Cars
  • Floors & walls
  • Laundry (oil-stained fabrics)
  • Meat, dairy & poultry processing
  • Steam cleaner

Simple Directions

  • Apply with mop, cloth, brush or spray.
  • Leave it on for a few seconds up to a few minutes, depending on the application.
  • Rinse it off.
  • Note: Should not be used with water-soluble paint.


N/A Meets the criteria of a USDA A1 General Cleaner


N/A Temperature precaution- Do not freeze. Store above 32°F (0°C).
Aluminum precaution- Will stain aluminum if not rinsed off within 48 hours.

Product Application Uses

General Purpose

N/A Mixing Ratio: 3-4 oz per gal of water [1:32]

Directions: Apply freely, then rinse. Ideal for restrooms, windows, vinyl upholstrery, etc., or for hand wiping machinery, woodwork, etc. (do not use on water-soluble paint.)

Degreasing engines, tools & other equipment

N/A Mixing Ratio: 1 part Greentastic to 4 parts kerosene or diesel fuel [1:4]

Directions: Thoroughly mix 1 part Greentastic to 1 part solvent, then slowly mix in remaining 3 parts solvent. Solution may be sprayed, brushed or poured. Allow to soak about 15 minutes. Rinse with water from a pressure hose. Similar mixing instructions should be followed for soak tank cleaning. Periodically stir or agitate the emulsion. Caution: Solvent solution may be flammable.

Concrete floors & surfaces

N/A Mixing Ratio: 6-8 oz per gal of water [1:16]

Directions: No oil or grease. Apply freely and soak for 5-10 minutes. rinse off with pressure hose or mop away solution and dirt.

Mixing Ratio: 12-14 oz per gal of solvent such as kerosene or diesel fuel [1:9]

Directions: When oil or grease is present. Allow solution to soak on the surface for 10-15 minutes. Rinse clean with pressure hose.Caution: Solvent solution may be flammable.

Floors & walls

N/A Mixing Ratio: 3-5 oz per gal of water [1:26]

Directions: Apply mixture freely by wiping, brushing or spraying. Allow tosoak for 15 minutes. Mop with clean water. Wipe or dry withclean cloth or mop.

Trucks & tractors

N/A Mixing Ratio: SPRAY: 1-3 oz per gal of water (with heated solution; depends on type and density of soils)[1:43]---HAND: 3-4 oz per gal of water (with mops and brushes)[1:32]

Directions: With both methods, the process should include a thorough wetting down of the equipment, a 5- to 8-minute soaking, and a rinse.

Car washing

N/A Mixing Ratio: 1-2 oz per gal of water [1:64] OR 1/2 - 1 1/2 oz per gal of water (when heated solution is used under pressure)[1:85]

Directions: Apply solution freely. allow to soak 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Meat & poultry processing plant

N/A Mixing Ratio: 4-5 oz per gal of water [1:26]

Directions: Apply freely, then rinse equipment and utensils thoroughly with potable water. (Meets USDA A1 Cleaner criteria.)

Steam cleaner

N/A Mixing Ratio: 3-4 oz per gal water [1:32]

Directions: Mix in the steam cleaner solution tank. First put water in the tank and then add Greentastic.

Laundry (oil-stained fabrics)

N/A Mixing Ratio: 1-2 oz per gal water [1:64]

Directions: Mix solution in the washing machine. Soak heavily soiled fabrics in undiluted Greentastic.