Xclude™ Non-Desiccant (ND-2) Breather
Prevent contamination when humidity is not an issue

As wet, contaminated air is drawn through the unit, the hydrophobic media repels water while the particulate filter captures dirt, preventing both from entering the equipment.


  • Oil sight glasses
  • Small gearboxes


  • Hydrophobic filter element captures particles at 3-micron absolute and creates impenetrable barrier against water droplets
  • Durable, shock-absorbing housing
  • O-ring seal with pipe threading eliminates need for additional sealant
  • Threaded mounting
Unit of Measure


Qty of Package

N/A 1 case of 6

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Unit Height

N/A 1.4 in3.4 cm

Unit Diameter

N/A 1.8 in4.6 cm

Shipping Weight (Unit)

N/A 0.06 lb0.03 Kg

Amount of Desiccant

N/A n/a

Max. Absorption Capacity (fluid oz/ml)

N/A n/a

Max. Air Flow Rate (cfm)

N/A 0.67 at 1psid

Max. Fluid Flow Rate (lpm/gpm)

N/A 19 / 5.02


N/A 0.3µ absolute (β0.3≥200)

Operating Temp. Range

N/A -40 / -300 ºF-40 / -149 ºC

Hydrophilic Agent

N/A n/a

Filter Media


Connection Size

N/A 3/8"

Body Material

N/A Nylon 6/6 (33% glass-filled)