Versatile Fluid Ensures Smooth-Running Automatic Transmissions in Cars & Trucks

Monolec® Syn Multi-Vehicle Automatic Transmission Fluid (1150) is a versatile, high performance product suitable for regular- to severe-duty use in a variety of automatic transmissions in passenger cars and trucks. Replacing LE’s Trans-All EHP Automatic Transmission Fluid (1150), this new fully synthetic formulation has an uptreated additive package that includes Monolec, LE's proprietary wear-reducing additive. This improved formulation is fully compatible with the previous 1150 formulation. No conversion is necessary.

Monolec Syn Multi-Vehicle ATF ensures smooth shifting, reduced wear on parts, longer fluid life and a significant decrease in maintenance costs.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.
Unit of Measure

Benefits and Recommendations

Available Container Size

N/A 275 gal disposable tank

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GHS Statement

N/A For commercial and professional use only

Beneficial Qualities

N/A Superior Lubrication
  • Outstanding wear reduction
    Protects moving parts against friction, wear and premature failure
  • Rapid heat transfer
    Cools and protects parts
  • High oxidation resistance
    Prevents thickening and formation of sludge and varnish deposits
  • Rust and corrosion inhibition
    Resists condensation and acid formation
  • Low-temperature fluidity
    Ensures efficient operation in cold temps
  • Nonfoaming performance
    Assures smooth power transmission and preserves film strength
  • Seal protection
    Extends seal life and prevents fluid loss
  • Extended fluid life
    Retains effective lubricating qualities over long period of time
Suitable for use in a variety of automatic transmissions, including those used in GM®, Ford®, Chrysler®, Honda®, Toyota® and many other vehicles.

Proprietary Additive

N/A LE's proprietary additives are used exclusively in LE lubricants. Monolec Multi-Vehicle ATF contains Monolec.

Monolec® wear-reducing additive creates a single molecular lubricating film on metal surfaces, vastly increasing oil film strength without affecting clearances. An invaluable component in LE's engine oils, industrial oils and many of its other lubricants, Monolec allows opposing surfaces to slide by one another, greatly reducing friction, heat and wear.

Suitable for Use in These Applications

  • Allison - C4, TES-295
  • Audi - G 052 025 (09M); G 052 990 (09A)
  • BMW - LT 71141; LA2634; ETL-7045E; ETL-8072B
  • CAT - TO-2
  • Chrysler - +3; +4
  • Ford - Merc; Merc V
  • GM - IID; IIE; IIIG; IIIH; Type A Suffix A
  • Honda - ATF Z1
  • Jaguar - Idemitsu K17
  • JASO - M315 Type 1A
  • Kia - SP-II; SP-III
  • Land Rover - N402
  • Mazda - ATF M-III; ATF M-V (TYPE M5)
  • Mercedes - 236.01; 236.02; 236.03; 236.05; 236.06; 236.07; 236.10; 236.11; 3403
  • Mitsubishi - SP-II; SP-III
  • Nissan - Matic D; Matic J; Matic K
  • Subaru - ATF, ATF-HP
  • Toyota - T; T-III; T-IV; JWS 3309
  • VW - G 052 025 (09M); G 052 990 (09A)
  • ZF - TE-ML 25B, TE-ML-04D, TE-ML-14B, TE-ML-16L, TE-ML-16R, TE-ML-20B

Trademark Statement

N/A Monolec® is a registered trademark of Lubrication Engineers, Inc. GM® is a registered trademark of General Motors LLC. Ford® is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company Corporation. Chrysler® is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. Honda® is a registered trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Toyota® is a registered trademark of Toyota Motor Corporation. All other non-LE marks shown within this document are properties of their respective owners.

Asset Reliability Solutions

N/A Reliability Solution Products

Customer Testimonials

N/A 1150 Alltrans
1150 Browns Van Service
1150 New York Water Ways

Physical Characteristics - Typical


N/A Red

Performance Test Results

Relative Density @ 60ºF/60ºF, ASTM D1298

N/A .845

Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt, ASTM D445

N/A 7.66

Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt, ASTM D445

N/A 36.46

Viscosity Index ASTM D2270

N/A 186

Viscosity-Brookfield @ -40ºC, cP, ASTM D2983

N/A 7350

Flash Point °C(°F), (COC), ASTM D92

N/A 221 (430)

Pour Point °C (°F), ASTM D97

N/A -48 (-54)