Xclude™ Standard Breather
Basic protection from moisture and particulate contamination in lubricant and equipment

This breather unit replaces the standard dust cap or OEM breather cap on equipment. As air is drawn into equipment through the breather, the layered filter elements remove particulates while the desiccant beads strip harmful moisture. While in service or during shutdown, the desiccant beads attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir, actively drying the equipment.


  • Totes
  • Transformers
  • Storage tanks
  • Hydraulics


  • Primary filter element captures particles at 3-micron absolute
  • Secondary filter element protects against desiccant dust migration
  • Foam pad captures oil mist and disperses incoming air evenly
  • Color-indicating silica gel extracts moisture
  • Integrated nylon standpipe
  • Resilient polycarbonate body
  • Threaded mounting
  • Air vents
Unit of Measure

Benefits and Recommendations

Qty of Package

N/A 1 case of 6

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Materials & Components

  • Filter housing: Polycarbonate, nylon, polypropylene, PVC, Buna-N
  • Filter media: Polyurethane, polyester
  • Hydrophilic media: Silica gel

Filter Efficiency

N/A 3µ absolute (ß3≥200)

Recommended Temperature Range

N/A -20ºF to 200ºF -29ºC to 93ºC

Chemical Compatibility

N/A Recommended:
  • All gear oil
  • Most hydraulic fluid
  • Mineral & synthetic oil
Not recommended
  • Phosphate ester
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Highly alkaline cleaners


Max. Airflow @ 1psid

N/A 4.16cfm/118lpm

Recommended Max. Volume (Gearbox/Storage Tank)

N/A 35gal/132L

Recommended Max. Volume (Hydraulic Reservoir)

N/A 5gal/19L

Maximum Water Retention

N/A 50ml / 4 fluid oz

Connection Size

N/A 3/8” Multi-fit (NPT, BSPP, BSPT)

Unit Height

N/A 5.351 in13.5 cm

Unit Width

N/A 2.5 in6.4 cm