The manual lubrication of wire ropes via the drip, brush, spatula or rubber glove method has always been a difficult maintenance task. Typically employed are messy asphaltic or “blackjack” type products, which have coating abilities but very little lubrication or penetration properties.

The VIPER Mid MK II Wire Rope Lubricator provides fast and effective lubrication of wire ropes from 5/16 in (8mm) to 2–5/8 in (67mm) in diameter, at speeds up to 6,670 ft (2,000 m) per hour. It eliminates the slow and labor-intensive task of manual lubrication, at the same time achieving more thorough results by forcing quality lubricant under high pressure right through to the core of the wire rope.

The System
The system consists of the lubricator Collar assembly, which houses the polyurethane seals to suit the specific size rope. The assembly is clamped around the rope and anchored to a fixed point. The rope is then pulled through the collar as the lubricant is applied with a high pressure grease pump, forcing lubricant between the strands to the center or the rope. The result is a fully lubricated wire rope with a smooth minimal film of lubricant on the outer strands.

The benefits over conventional drip and brush or spray systems are substantial. The Viper MK II Wire Rope Lubricator operates at a higher pressure than most other lubricator collars on the market; this combined with the robust construction guarantees fast, safe and effective wire rope lubrication.

For lubricating larger rope sizes 2 in (50mm) to 6 1/2 in (165mm), you will need the Viper Maxi MK II. Viper Mini MK II lubricates rope sizes 15/64 in (6mm) to 1 13/32 in (36mm.)Please contact us for more information about these solutions.
Unit of Measure


Recommended Applications

  • Wharf cranes
  • Ship cranes
  • ROV cables
  • Mine winders
  • Mobile cranes
  • Oil and gas platforms
  • Anchor ropes
  • Deck winches
  • Overhead cranes
  • Ship loaders
  • Features and Benefits

    N/A Single Pass Wire Rope Lubrication
  • Simplifies and speeds up the rope lubricating process
  • Lubricates up to 6,670 ft (2,000 m) per hour
  • Reduces downtime associated with rope lubrication, which improves equipment availability

  • Elimination of Manual Greasing
  • Reduces lubricant usage, leakage & mess
  • Safer for staff

  • High-Pressure / High-Flow Grease Pump
  • Provides grease penetration, displacing moisture from rope core
  • Ensures total coverage, even for large ropes

  • Compatibility with All Major Rope Sizes
  • Viper MK II can lubricate rope sizes 5/16 in (8 mm) to 2-5/8 in (67 mm)
  • Viper Maxi MK II will lubricate up to 6-1/2 in (165mm).
  • Custom units also available.
  • Kit Components

    N/A Air regulated with gauge & isolation valve Clear lube drain hose Convenient carry strap for collar High-pressure 13 ft (4-m) long, 1/2 in lube delivery hose High-pressure lubricant metering valve Retaining ratchet straps & shackles Robust aluminum storage case Viper grease pump Viper MK II collar

    Component Descriptions

    High-Strength Collar

    N/A The collar is the heart of the Viper MK II. Constructed from high-grade cast aluminum with a robust protective coating, the collar is completed with stainless steel hardware to provide maximum corrosion protection. It comes complete with built-in handles, making it easily carried in one hand and fitted to the rope by one person.

    High Flow Drum Pump Specs

    N/A Flow rates of ≈ 11 lb (5kg) / minute using an NLGI 0 grease at pressures of up to 5,500 psi (385 bar) are achieved from the standard 35 lb (20 kg) grease pump, as well as the 120 lb (55kg) and 400 lb (180kg) pump options.

    Seals & Scrapers (purchase separately)

    N/A The seals are made from a specially formulated polyurethane material that provides excellent durability, wear resistance and flexibility. It is this flexibility that allows the seal to provide a more positive interface and hence seal with the rope. Each seal set comes as a pair, sized to suit the nominated rope diameter. Aluminum scrapers are attached to each end of the Viper collar to assist in pre-cleaning the rope and protect the seals from damage. Both should be selected using the Viper Seal & Scraper guide.

    High Flow Drum Pump

    N/A 50kg High Flow Drum Pump