Xamine Advanced Engine Oil Analysis is recommended for extended drain interval applications in reciprocating engines such as those found in trucking fleets as well as construction equipment and forklifts. It monitors wear and contamination and optimizes drain intervals.

The Xamine Advanced Engine Oil Analysis kit can be used for diesel or natural gas engines, although test slates differ slightly. (Customers select engine type on registration form when submitting oil samples, to ensure correct tests are run.)

Unit of Measure

Benefits and Recommendations

Qty of Sample Bottles in Kit

N/A 10

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Optimizes Drain Intervals


N/A Engines (Diesel & Natural Gas)

Elemental Metals by ICP

N/A • (Diesel & Natural Gas)

Water % by Crackle

N/A • (Diesel & Natural Gas)

Viscosity at 100°C

N/A • (Diesel & Natural Gas)

Fuel Dilution

N/A • (Diesel)

Soot %

N/A • (Diesel)

Base Number

N/A • (Diesel)

Acid Number

N/A • (Natural Gas)

FTIR Oxidation/Nitration

N/A • (natural Gas)