• Spin-On Filter

    Versatile Filtration Solution for Many Types of Applications

    With a broad range of thermal and chemical compatibility, these filters are versatile and work on a wide array of applications, including Xtract filtration systems and others.

  • Xtract Full Flow Filter

    High Efficiency Filtration Solution for Large Applications & High Contamination

    Xtract™ Full Flow Filters provide high efficiency filtration with low pressure drop. Featuring a high holding capacity, they are ideal for large applications and highly contaminated lubricants.

  • Xtract Depth Filter

    Inexpensive Filtration Solution for Light-Viscosity Oils

    Depth Filters with wound cellulose media are an inexpensive method for obtaining high-efficiency filtration in light-viscosity oils such as hydraulic, turbine or transformer oils.

  • Xtract Bag Filter

    Excellent Pre-Filtration Solution To Catch Large Particulates

    Bag filters are excellent pre-filtration solutions to catch large, harmful particulates that would otherwise damage or quickly plug primary filters.