• Standard-Filter-Cart

    Portable Offline Filtration Solution for Industrial Lubricants in Wide Range of Applications

    Key Benefits
    • Decontaminating systems
    • Flushing new or repaired systems
    • Dispensing new oil
    • Pre-filtering new oil
    • Evacuating used oil
    • Topping off reservoirs
    • Collecting oil samples for analysis
    • Allows for easy equipment adaptation and quick connection
    • Prohibits entry of dirt and moisture
    • Allows for customization
    First, choose the correct part number based on desired Pump/Motor combination:

  • Xtract Drum Topper

    Convenient, portable filtration in a compact design that you can carry wherever you need to go.

  • Spin-On Filter
  • Gearbox Adapter

    Gearbox, Hydraulic, Drum & Tote Adapter Kit

    Easily connect the appropriate adapter kit to your filtration system while keeping your lubricants and equipment clean and dry