Premium grade, high temperature chain lubricant contains ALMASOL®, and other submicron lubricating solids dispersed in a special high temperature synthetic carrier. Suitable for application to hot chains without interrupting production operations. When used as directed, the carrier penetrates to all moving parts, leaving a protective film of lubricating solids as it cleanly volatilizes without residue at high temperatures. Will not gum or char, offering maximum migration into chain pins. Reduces frictional drag without building up hard deposits.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.
Unit of Measure


Available Container Size

N/A 5 gal(QUOTE)

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GHS Statement

N/A For commercial and professional use only

Typical Applications

N/A Can be applied at room temperature, but for best results, apply at 250ºF (121ºC) to 475ºF (246ºC). Keep container tightly closed when not in use.


N/A Not recommended for automatic lubrication systems


  1. Mix well before using. Do not dilute. Stir often while using.
  2. Apply with heat and exhaust on, shutting off burners in application area.
  3. Use only on moving chains.

Physical Characteristics

Flash Point

N/A 263 ºC505 ºF


N/A Grey

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.003

Fire Point

N/A 304 ºC580 ºF

Carrier Fluid Viscosity

N/A 14.3 cSt at 100ºC 417 SUS at 100ºF 75.8 SUS at 210ºF 82 cSt at 40ºC

Benefits and Recommendations

Beneficial Qualities

  • Contains ALMASOL®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive.
  • Reaches even hard-to-reach spots with close tolerances.
  • The special high temperature carrier fluid evaporates without residue, leaving a protective film of lubricating solids.
  • ALMASOL® High Temperature Chain Lubricant will not gum, char, or build up hard deposits.
  • Leaves a protective film of ALMASOL particles that reduce frictional drag.
  • Once carrier evaporates, ALMASOL High Temperature Chain Lubricant will effectively lubricate chains up to 900ºF (482ºC).

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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