Environmentally friendly, synthetic lubricant promotes smooth,long-lasting operation despite extreme heat & moisture

Thorough, penetrating lubrication of the pin and bushing areas of oven chains is of utmost importance in ensuring smooth, efficient operation and long equipment life. Severe operating conditions, including extreme heat and moisture, can lead to corrosion and premature equipment failure if lubrication is inadequate.

Other costly side effects resulting from inadequate lubrication include:
• Chain links sticking and strands of chains becoming inflexible
• Chains becoming longer because of rough operation and wear
• Chains jumping off sprockets, contributing to early breakage and failure
• Electrical energy consumption increasing as the amount of friction increases

A successful oven chain lubricant has the ability to deliver the solids suspended in the lubricant carrier to the pin and bushing areas. As the carrier dissipates, only the necessary lubricating solids are left, coating the metal to prevent wear and corrosion. A good lubricant also will withstand heat over time – resisting oxidation – allowing it to last longer and continue to protect the equipment.

Almasol® Oven Chain Lubricant is the solution to trouble-free oven chain lubrication. It contains a synergistic blend of lubricating solids, including submicron-sized Almasol particles, in a specially designed synthetic carrier fluid. The environmentally friendly fluid evaporates, leaving behind a protective film of solids to lubricate chain parts without any accumulation of gum, carbon particles or other hard deposits. The protective solid film is water-resistant and reduces frictional drag over a broad temperature range in excess of the operating temperature of most ovens.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.
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